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 Moonshot v.2

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PostSubject: Moonshot v.2   Tue May 19, 2009 8:22 pm

I need two moons before I build any form of fleet since I don't want to get lanxed.

I want one on 1:73:4 and one on 2:279:6 . Until I get a moon on both these, I will be doing suicide trade offs [crash fleets into defense]. I will be willing to always collect the DF (but give the DF to the owner of the ships) if you are unable to have the recyclers to collect your own DF.

I will edit this message when I no longer need moons.

p.s. Until I get back from vacation I will be unable to trade, will edit this out when I am back, but just letting people know to prepare.
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Moonshot v.2
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